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Recurring Donation/Pledge



At Summerville Catholic School, we believe that we are not merely educating our students, we are preparing our students for tomorrow. This philosophy was tested in mid-2019 when the novel Coronavirus pandemic hit and the school, like others nationwide, was forced to close in March per federal and state guidelines.

Last year, SCS launched a recurring donation program to make giving more manageable and affordable. 

The program allows donors to give a small amount of their choosing monthly. Donors can also choose the date their donation processes. A small pledge of just $10 a month can make a world of difference in a child’s educational journey. Each dollar raised will help the school and its students prepare for the future. Quality Catholic education is needed now more than ever and small monthly gifts will help achieve these goals. 

Click here to pledge to support the school and its students in our mission to provide quality Catholic education for all!