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Answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I have to be or do I have to become Catholic in order to enroll my children?

No. Neither you nor your children are required to be, or become, Catholic to attend SCS. As a Catholic Christian school we do require all children to attend daily morning prayer. Once a week grades kindergarten through 8th are expected to attend Mass in a quiet, respectful manner, however participation during service - reading Scripture, being a server and taking communion - are not required. Catholic Sacramental Preparations are done by the respective supporting churches for their parishioners after school hours. We respect the rights of all individuals, whatever their faith, and only ask the same in return. 

I don't know that I can afford tuition. Do you have financial aid?

Yes! SCS has needs-based financial aid, as well as academic scholarships and other supporting programs. Scholarships are awarded annually prior to the start of each school year. Needs-based financial aid is provided based upon the family's prior year's tax returns and other supporting documentation, and is determined prior to the start of the school year. Families enrolling during the school year may still apply for needs-based aid at the time of registration/application, however funds may be limited.

Financial aid may also be requested from a family's parish.  To apply for parish funds, please contact your parish office.

Are there discounts to tuition?

Yes. We offer reduced rates to military and actively practicing Catholic families. We also have multi-student discounts.

Do you have sports?

Yes! Our Seahawks participate in a wide range of sports, including baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, etc. The only major sport we do not currently engage in is football, but is available in the Summerville area through local leagues. As Catholic Christians we believe the body is the temple for the soul, so it is important to us that our students strengthen their body, as well as mind and spirit, through regular physical activities.

What is FACTS?

FACTS is a third party company SCS uses to help manage our tuition and financial aid processes. They provide a consolidated source for parents to use to apply for financial aid and make monthly tuition payments.

Do you have extra-curricular activities for students?

Yes. There are a wide variety of activities and clubs available for students, including music, sports and academic clubs. Our art and music teachers may be available for additional lessons and also offer special group classes periodically throughout the year.

Do you have before/after school care?

Yes. Our Extended Day Program (EDP) begins at 6:30 am for early drop off, and after-school care is provided until 6:00 pm. Rates are very reasonable and the program is designed to further your child's skills and learning through coordinated activities.

My child has special needs. Are you able to accommodate them?

Yes - in most cases. We follow the example of Christ and want to offer all children the opportunity to achieve their full potential. As long as your child is able to tend to his/her personal hygiene, feed themselves, and can communicate with simple verbal or written expression, we will gladly consider them. Generally, a meeting is required with our Inclusive Education teacher and the Principal to ensure we can meet your child's educational and spiritual needs.

Do you have on-going or rolling enrollment?

Yes. Families may register and enroll students up through the last quarter of the school year. We regret that we cannot accept new students during the last 1-2 months of the school year.