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Envelope Campaign/Parishioner Support


#FiveAwesomeParishes #OneGreattSchool


The Envelope Campaign is a fundraiser held at our supporting parishes during Catholic Schools Week. Summerville Catholic School cannot operate without the help of the surrounding parish communities, as we are one community in Christ. Catholic education fosters faith-filled communities and instills service to others. Simply put, Catholic education is the core of the Catholic faith.

What makes the Envelope Campaign unique is that every donation is linked directly to closing the deficit related to the cost of education. The actual cost to educate a student attending Summerville Catholic School is $7,341.99, while tuition is only $6,120.00. This leaves a $1,221.99 deficit per student. 


There is an envelope for every student attending Summerville Catholic School. Current enrollment is 212, so there are 212 envelopes each labeled 1 through 212. Donators are asked to pick an envelope and return it with the amount indicated on the envelope. Ex. If you select an envelope labeled 89, you would donate $89 to Summerville Catholic School. Generous parishioners raised over $30,000 last year! 

Select your Parish and make a donation today!

St. Theresa the Little Flower

St. John the Beloved

St. Thomas The Apostle

Immaculate Conception Church

St. Phillip Benizi

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