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Media and Technology

The Media and Technology Resources available at Summerville Catholic School:

  • Every student takes a Media and Technology class throughout the school year where they learn Media Literacy, use of and troubleshooting a diversity of technology, coding, creating their own media content and making dynamic presentations that support the speaker through all forms of media.
  • Traditional learning methods are not completely supplanted by "screen time," as we empathize the importance of a balanced perspective and experience with technology.

  • The Catholic moral basis for how we utilize, create, and evangelize through all media. 
  • Class set of tablets for teachers to use with students in the classroom. (Chromebooks for every class coming Fall 2018)
  •  A true Media center that contains classics of literature as well as access to a variety of appropriate technology for the learning environment.
  •  Promethean boards used in every classroom. Touchscreens in the lower elementary classes.